A Promising Approach to Preventing Periodontitis

Aging | March 23, 2023
A new study by researchers from Osaka University’s Graduate School of Dentistry investigated cellular senescence in periodontal tissue and disease—identifying promising therapeutic targets for preventing periodontitis in the elderly. continue reading »

Fruit Flies Shed New Light on Memory and Aging

Aging | March 9, 2023
In a recent study, researchers from Western University and Indiana University investigated the connection between aging, memory and lactate metabolism in flies. continue reading »

The Role of Lipids in Aging: Insights From C. Elegans

Aging | February 23, 2023
In a new study, researchers used C. elegans to investigate how changes in lipids during aging might impact lifespan and healthspan. continue reading »

Targeting Pre-Leukemic Cells: New Hope for Preventing Childhood B-ALL

Oncotarget | March 31, 2023
Researchers from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid published a new editorial in Oncotarget detailing a proof-of-principle experiment to prevent B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL). continue reading »

Unconventional Protein Secretion (UPS) in Cancer

Oncotarget | March 16, 2023
Researchers from The Jikei University School of Medicine published a recent editorial perspective in Oncotarget, entitled, "Leakage? or Secretion? unconventional protein secretion in cancer."  continue reading »

The Role of Kras and Canonical Wnt Pathways in Biliary Tract Cancers

Oncotarget | March 1, 2023
In a recent Oncotarget editorial, researchers discuss Kras and the canonical Wnt pathway in biliary tract cancers, and potential theraputic strategies using these targets. continue reading »

The Role of CDKs in Breast Cancer Among Women in Pakistan

Genes & Cancer | October 28, 2022
Researchers examined the mRNA expression levels of six CDKs in Pakistani women with pre- and postmenopausal breast cancer with lung metastasis. continue reading »

Cell Cycle Mechanism as Potential Target to Treat Array of Cancers

Genes & Cancer | September 12, 2022
In a recently published Genes & Cancer review paper, researchers discuss the role of CDK4 in cell cycle control, normal development, tumorigenesis, and cancer therapeutics. continue reading »

Common Bacteria Associated With Gastric Cancer and New Biomarkers

Genes & Cancer | August 19, 2022
Researchers investigated the expression of two lncRNAs in gastric cancer tissues and evaluated their association with a common strain of bacteria. continue reading »