Targeting Fatty Acid Binding Proteins in Multiple Myeloma

Oncotarget | September 21, 2023
In a recent editorial, researchers discuss targeting fatty acid binding proteins to fight multiple myeloma. continue reading »

Predicting Functions of Cancer-Associated Genetic Variants

Oncotarget | September 7, 2023
In a new editorial, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign discuss the value of using computational models to predict the functions of cancer-associated genetic variants. continue reading »

Whole-Genome Doubling and Aneuploidy in Human Cancer

Oncotarget | August 10, 2023
In a new editorial paper, researchers from Tel Aviv University discuss a recent study exploring how whole-genome doubling shapes the aneuploidy landscape of human cancers. continue reading »

The Impact of Age on Melanoma: Insights from Recent Research

Aging | September 14, 2023
In a new editorial, researchers delve into the intricate dynamics of melanoma and aim to illuminate differences in age-related incidence, prognosis and treatment. continue reading »

Dry Eyes? It May be Immune Infiltration in Aging Lacrimal Glands

Aging | August 28, 2023
In a new editorial, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine artfully discuss the immune system’s role in dry eye disease.  continue reading »

Navigating the Frailty Factor in Atrial Fibrillation Management

Aging | August 3, 2023
In a new editorial, researchers discuss the impact of frailty on clinical decision-making in managing patients with atrial fibrillation and the prescription of oral anticoagulants. continue reading »

The Role of CDKs in Breast Cancer Among Women in Pakistan

Genes & Cancer | October 28, 2022
Researchers examined the mRNA expression levels of six CDKs in Pakistani women with pre- and postmenopausal breast cancer with lung metastasis. continue reading »

Cell Cycle Mechanism as Potential Target to Treat Array of Cancers

Genes & Cancer | September 12, 2022
In a recently published Genes & Cancer review paper, researchers discuss the role of CDK4 in cell cycle control, normal development, tumorigenesis, and cancer therapeutics. continue reading »

Common Bacteria Associated With Gastric Cancer and New Biomarkers

Genes & Cancer | August 19, 2022
Researchers investigated the expression of two lncRNAs in gastric cancer tissues and evaluated their association with a common strain of bacteria. continue reading »