Trending With Impact: Humanin G Treatment in AMD Reduces Inflammation


June 2, 2022
In an Aging-US cover paper, researchers investigated a potential therapeutic intervention to reduce chronic inflammation in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Neuromodulation in Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment


May 27, 2022
Fabrizio Vecchio wrote a new editorial paper on the potential synergistic effects of neuromodulation combined with cognitive training to treat Alzheimer’s disease. continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Dual Requirement in Stem Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma


May 12, 2022
For the first time, researchers revealed the protein interactome, phospho-proteome and total proteome for the oncogenic fusion protein BCR-FGFR1. continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Tobacco PEBP Increases Lifespan in Fruit Flies


April 28, 2022
Researchers conducted an interspecies analysis to determine the effects on aging that occur when certain plant proteins are expressed in animals and animal proteins are expressed in plants. continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Underlying Mechanisms of Replicative Senescence


April 21, 2022
Published on the cover of Aging’s Volume 14, Issue 7, researchers conducted a new study investigating the role of IGFBP5 in replicative senescence. continue reading »