Is Estrogen Dysregulation Behind Alzheimer’s Pathology?


November 17, 2022
In a new study, researchers explored Alzheimer's disease and its potential relationship with the estrogen receptor-α gene (ESR1). continue reading »

Investigating Susceptibility to Radiation-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis


October 19, 2022
Researchers evaluated three different mouse strains with varying sensitivity to radiation lung fibrosis in an effort to uncover the underlying mechanisms. continue reading »

Does A Link Exist Between Longevity, Aging and Heart Rate Parameters?


October 13, 2022
Researchers investigated the relationship between familial longevity, chronological age and heart rate parameters, including heart rate variability and 24-h rhythms. continue reading »

CRISPR Screens Identify Novel Targets for Personalized Cancer Therapy


October 7, 2022
In this trending new study, researchers used CRISPR-based genome-wide screens to identify genetic determinants of PARP10-mediated cellular survival. continue reading »

Adenoviral COVID-19 Vaccine Elicits Robust Immunity in Elderly Cohort


October 5, 2022
In a trending new study, researchers investigated the efficacy of an adenoviral-based COVID-19 vaccine in elderly patients. continue reading »