Trending with Impact: Aging and Lung Function Decline

Aging | June 10, 2021
Is there an association between biomarkers of aging and lung function? Researchers conducted a study which aimed to find out. continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Novel Urine Protein Biomarkers in Bladder Cancer

Oncotarget | June 3, 2021
Researchers from the University of Houston and UT Southwestern Medical Center conducted a study which aimed to screen urine for potentially useful protein biomarkers of bladder cancer. continue reading »

Trending with Impact: Effects of Exercise on Aging

Aging | May 27, 2021
Researchers surveyed available literature related to exercise and its association with longevity and aging. This extensive review expands on exercise as a lifestyle intervention and its ability to counteract cellular and tissue aging. continue reading »

Trending with Impact: RNA Modification Regulatory Proteins in Melanoma

Oncotarget | May 20, 2021
Researchers analyzed various publicly available datasets and identified two RNA modification regulatory proteins that are not only upregulated in melanoma, but necessary for melanoma growth. continue reading »

Trending with Impact: Method Yields Cell-Type-Specific Brain Data

Aging | May 13, 2021
Researchers used a bioinformatics approach (ESHRD) that leverages gene expression data from brain tissue to derive cell-type specific alterations in Alzheimer’s disease. continue reading »