Dr. Mark Woodford – SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse

Oncotarget | May 3, 2022
"My co-authors on this work are internationally recognized leaders in the field who believe that Oncotarget is the perfect platform to disseminate cutting edge research to the scientific community." full testimonial »

Dr. Jennifer Sheng – Johns Hopkins Cancer Center

Oncotarget | December 1, 2021
"The process was really quite simple and we got great feedback from our editorial with the reviewers as well." full testimonial »

Dr. Gina Abdelaal – Northumbria University

Oncotarget | November 19, 2021
"The reviewers were extremely professional and all of the comments were very constructive and helped improve the review greatly." full testimonial »

Dr. Frank Pun – Insilico Medicine

Aging | April 22, 2022
"We had a wonderful experience publishing with Aging. There is a world class Editorial Board. The submission and review process was very smooth." full testimonial »

Dr. Brian Chen – FOXO Technologies

Aging | March 25, 2022
"The comments are very reasonable and they stay on top of the reviewers to return those reviews. I value that tremendously." full testimonial »

Dennis Mangan – MTOR LLC

Aging | March 17, 2022
"Overall, my experience in publishing in Aging was very positive, and I would submit to them again and recommend other people to do so." full testimonial »