Dr. Jennifer Sheng – Johns Hopkins Cancer Center

Oncotarget | December 1, 2021
"The process was really quite simple and we got great feedback from our editorial with the reviewers as well." full testimonial »

Dr. Gina Abdelaal – Northumbria University

Oncotarget | November 19, 2021
"The reviewers were extremely professional and all of the comments were very constructive and helped improve the review greatly." full testimonial »

Dr. Monica Varun Tyagi – Stanford University

Oncotarget | November 17, 2021
"We have previously published in Oncotarget and had a good experience." full testimonial »

Dr. Junhua Li – University of Essex

Aging | December 16, 2021
"I think the Aging-US (journal) is one of the top journals in this field. " full testimonial »

Dr. Dale Bredesen – UCLA & The Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Aging | September 14, 2021
“So, there are many journals now that are open access, but that are not on PubMed. So having all those boxes checked, made it very, very important, and this is the reason that we have repeatedly published in Aging and Oncotarget” full testimonial »

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald – Institute for Functional Medicine

Aging | August 16, 2021
"The process of submitting and our peer review journey was actually, it was actually a lot of fun!" full testimonial »