Dr. Jennifer Y. Sheng 
Johns Hopkins Cancer Center
Dr. Gina Abdelaal 
Northumbria University
Dr. Monica Varun Tyagi 
Stanford University
Dr. Michael H. Roehrl 
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Dr. Dale E. Bredesen 
UCLA & The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Dr. Yves C. Chabu 
The University of Missouri
Dr. Tapasree Roy Sarkar 
Department of Biology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald 
The Institute for Functional Medicine, Federal Way, Washington, USA
Dr. James Frost 
Department of Radiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA
Dr. Ken Pienta 
Brady Urological Institute at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA
Dr. John R. Hawse 
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA

"As a recently established journal, Oncotarget was an unknown quantity for us when we decided to submit our recent manuscript. The scope was a good fit and recent editions of the journal contained some interesting and good quality papers. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency of the peer review process. The selected reviewers were clearly experts in the field, and offered largely positive and constructive comments. For authors who want to publish in a timely manner and receive a fair value judgement, my experience of Oncotarget has been positive. As our paper was chosen as a Priority Report, I was also asked to take part in a video interview, which proved to be quick and relatively painless way to explain the context and what we believe is the significance of our work for a wider audience."

Professor of Virology and Molecular Oncology, Associate, Director MRC/University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow

"AGING is a wonderful journal! So far, our experience with the review process was very good – the reviewer comments were constructive and we got the first decision within days or weeks. After acceptance manuscripts were nicely formatted within days and then immediately accessible online. Most importantly, it is the top journal in the field which is open access – and we are grateful for a lot of feedback from other scientists on our work. The efficiency of journal is remarkable. We can highly recommend publishing with AGING."

Wolfgang Wagner MD PhD
University Professor at RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Dr. Dean Felsher 
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA Departments of Medicine and Pathology and Member of Oncotarget’s Founding Editorial Board

"Our group specializes in developing artificial intelligence for aging research, a very competitive and rapidly evolving field, where every day counts. Some of our best and novel work we try to publish in AGING, one of the most influential journals in the field with thorough peer review, but very rapid and high-quality production process."

Alex Zhavoronkov PhD
CSO of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, CEO of Insilco Medicine

"Aging is a reasonably high-impact-factor journal that specifically targets readers in the molecular biology and molecular genetics of aging. Review has been both prompt and fair, in our experience. All communications with Impact employees were handled professionally and competently. This is a journal that takes its visibility seriously, and I recommend the addition of video interviews when offered. The process is quite pleasant (handled in a very friendly and positive way), and is likely to increase readership. Complimentary print copies are a nice plus!"

Dr. Robert Reis Professor
Departments of Geriatrics, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, and Pharmacology/Toxicology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Dr. Marene Landström & Dr. Reshma Sundar 
Department of Medical Biosciences, Umeå University, Sweden