Trending With Impact: Can Singing Improve Aging?


November 11, 2021
In a two-year study, researchers compared the effects of choral singing with the effects of health education in an elderly cohort. continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Machine Learning Predicts Human Aging


November 5, 2021
Machine learning and a broad range of biochemical and physiological traits were used to develop a new composite metric as a potential proxy for an underlying whole-body aging mechanism. continue reading »

Bacterial Therapy Revelations in Prostate Cancer


November 1, 2021
Researchers reveal their positive findings from a 2020 study on a strain of Salmonella typhimurium used in bacterial cancer therapy for mouse-modeled prostate cancer. continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Is Iron a Driver of Aging?


October 28, 2021
In a trending theory article, Dennis Mangan proposes several reasons why iron may be a key driver of aging. continue reading »

Trending With Impact: Green Tea Enhances Fitness and Lifespan in Worms


October 21, 2021
The mechanisms and pathways involved in the health and aging benefits conveyed by green tea were investigated in C. elegans. continue reading »