Volume 6: Issue 11-12


Issue 11-12

About the Cover

The cover for this issue of Oncoscience features Figure 1 ("Engineered metastatic niche as a site to develop a molecular staging of metastasis.") from Bushnell

Research Perspective

Precision health for breast cancer metastasis: biomaterial scaffolds as an engineered metastatic niche to define, study, and monitor metastatic progression


Grace G. Bushnell, Max S. Wicha, Jacqueline S. Jeruss, Lonnie D. Shea

p 380-382

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Improving patient classification and biomarker assessment using Gaussian Mixture Models and Bayes’ rule


Marina A. Guvakova

p 383-385

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SOCS1: phosphorylation, dimerization and tumor suppression


Frédéric  Lessard, Emmanuelle  Saint-Germain, Lian  Mignacca, Gerardo  Ferbeyre

p 386-389

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