Volume 6: Issue 9-10


Issue 9-10

About the Cover

The cover for this issue of Oncoscience features Figure 1 ("The combination of a menin inhibitor (MI) and small molecule EGFR inhibitor (iEGFR) synergistically suppress CRC through repression of SKP2 transcription") from Katona

Research Perspective

Menin: Expanding and dichotomous roles in cancer


Bryson W. Katona, Rebecca A. Glynn, Taylor A. Hojnacki, Xianxin  Hua

p 368-370

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Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase/soluble epoxide hydrolase-mediated eicosanoid pathway in colorectal cancer and obesity-associated colorectal cancer


Jianan  Zhang, Katherine Z. Sanidad, Guodong  Zhang

p 371-375

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Inside a mystery of oncoscience: The cancer-sniffing pets


Luca  Roncati

p 376-377

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Tissue-agnostic cancer drugs in the fight against molecular subsets of metastases of unknown origin


Luca  Roncati, Beniamino  Palmieri

p 378-379

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