Volume 1: Issue 4


Issue 4

About the Cover

The cover for the 4th issue of Oncoscience was taken from Ninio-Many et al. PC3 cells were seeded onto coverslips and co-transfected with miR-125a-3p and GFP. the arrows point at the actin cytoskeleton in the cell.


KLF8: so different in ovarian and breast cancer


Jihe  Zhao

p 248-249


Research Perspectives

Damaged mitochondria in Fanconi anemia - an isolated event or a general phenomenon?


Giovanni  Pagano, Pavithra  Shyamsunder, Rama S. Verma, Alex  Lyakhovich

p 287-295

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Polyomavirus BK and prostate cancer: an unworthy scientific effort?


Serena  Delbue, Pasquale  Ferrante, Maurizio  Provenzano

p 296-303

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Research Papers

MicroRNA miR-125a-3p modulates molecular pathway of motility and migration in prostate cancer cells


Lihi  Ninio-Many, Hadas  Grossman, Mattan  Levi, Sofia  Zilber, Ilan  Tsarfaty, Noam  Shomron, Anna  Tuvar, Dana  Chuderl, Salomon M Stemmer, Irit  Ben-Aharon, Ruth  Shalgi

p 250-261

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Acellular fraction of ovarian cancer ascites induce apoptosis by activating JNK and inducing BRCA1, Fas and FasL expression in ovarian cancer cells


Marie  Cohen, Sra  Pierredon, Christine  Wuillemin, Florence  Delie, Patrick  Petignat

p 262-271

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Regulation of circulating endocannabinoids associated with cancer and metastases in mice and humans


Sebastian  Sailler, Katja  Schmitz, Elke  Jager, Nerea  Ferreiros, Sabine  Wicker, Katja  Zschiebsch, Geethanjali  Pickert, Gerd  Geisslinger, Carmen  Walter, Irmgard  Tegeder, Jorn  Lotsch

p 272-282

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Knock-down of BCL6 / STAT6 sensitizes primary B cell lymphoma cells for treatment with current therapeutic agents


Marie-Therese  Haberle, Elena  Kelsch, Karola  Dorsch, Peter  Moller, Olga  Ritz

p 283-286

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