Volume 1: Issue 11


Issue 11

About the Cover

The cover for the issue of Oncoscience features Figure 6D (“MDA-9/Syntenin regulates differentiation and angiogenesis programs in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma”) from Oyesanya etal


Non-coding RNAs in lung cancer


Biagio  Ricciuti, Carmen  Mecca, Lucio  Crinò, Sara  Baglivo, Matteo  Cenci, Giulio  Metro

p 674-705

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Research Perspectives

Overcoming EMT-driven therapeutic resistance by BH3 mimetics


Ulrike  Keitel, Christina  Scheel, Matthias  Dobbelstein

p 706-708

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Research Papers

Kallikrein-related peptidase 5 induces miRNA-mediated anti-oncogenic pathways in breast cancer


Konstantinos G. Sidiropoulos, Nicole M.A. White, Anna  Bui, Qiang  Ding, Peter  Boulos, Georgios  Pampalakis, Heba  Khella, Joseph N. Samuel, Georgia  Sotiropoulou, George M. Yousef

p 709-724

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MDA-9/Syntenin regulates differentiation and angiogenesis programs in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma


Regina A. Oyesanya, Shilpa  Bhatia, Mitchell E. Menezes, Catherine I. Dumur, Karan P Singh, Sejong  Bae, Dean A. Troyer, Robert B. Wells, Edward R. Sauter, David  Sidransky, Paul B. Fisher, Oliver J. Semmes, Santanu  Dasgupta

p 725-737

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Cytotoxicity of RNase Sa to the acute myeloid leukemia Kasumi-1 cells depends on the net charge


Vladimir A. Mitkevich, Ksenia M. Burnysheva, Olga N. Ilinskaya, C. Nick Pace, Alexer A. Makarov

p 738-744

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Identification of a class of human cancer germline genes with transcriptional silencing refractory to the hypomethylating drug 5-aza-2ˈ-deoxycytidine


Ahmed  Almatrafi, Julia  Feichtinger, Ellen G. Vernon, Natalia Gomez Escobar, Jane A. Wakeman, Lee D. Larcombe, Ramsay J. McFarlane

p 745-750

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Low dose irradiation profoundly affects transcriptome and microRNAme in rat mammary gland tissues


Lidia  Luzhna, Olga  Kovalchuk

p 751-762

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