Volume 1: Issue 10


Issue 10

About the Cover

The cover for the issue of Oncoscience features Figure 3A (“Necroptosis is associated with low procaspase-8 and active RIPK1 and -3 in human glioma cells”) from Melo Lima et al.

Research Perspectives

Generation of a syngeneic orthotopic transplant model of prostate cancer metastasis


Leigh  Ellis, Kristin  Lehet, ShengYu  Ku, Gissou  Azabdaftari, Roberto  Pili

p 609-613

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A framework for genomic biomarker actionability and its use in clinical decision making


Smruti J. Vidwans, Michelle L. Turski, Filip  Janku, Ignacio  Garrido-Laguna, Javier  Munoz, Richard  Schwab, Vivek  Subbiah, Jordi  Rodon, Razelle  Kurzrock

p 614-623

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Research Papers

PCTAIRE1 regulates p27 stability, apoptosis and tumor growth in malignant melanoma


Teruki  Yanagi, John C. Reed, Shu-ichi  Matsuzawa

p 624-633

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Differential regulation of extracellular matrix protein expression in carcinoma-associated fibroblasts by TGF-β1 regulates cancer cell spreading but not adhesion


Mieke Van Bockstal, Kathleen  Lambein, Mireille Van Gele, Elly De Vlieghere, Ridha  Limame, Geert  Braems, Rudy Van den Broecke, Veronique  Cocquyt, Hannelore  Denys, Marc  Bracke, Louis  Libbrecht, Olivier De Wever

p 634-648

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Necroptosis is associated with low procaspase-8 and active RIPK1 and -3 in human glioma cells


Sara  Melo-Lima, Maria Celeste Lopes, Faustino  Mollinedo

p 649-664

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Antagonistic analogs of growth hormone-releasing hormone increase the efficacy of treatment of triple negative breast cancer in nude mice with doxorubicin; A preclinical study


Roberto  Perez, Andrew V. Schally, Petra  Popovics, Renzhi  Cai, Wei  Sha, Ricardo  Rincon, Ferenc G. Rick

p 665-673

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