Volume 7: Issue 1-2


Issue 1-2

About the Cover

The cover for this issue of Oncoscience features Figure 4 ("Overexpressed miR-145 increases LC3 I & II protein levels in neuroblastoma cells.") from Kim et al.

Research Perspective

Cracking the riddle of dedifferentiated liposarcoma: is EV-MDM2 a key?


Lucia  Casadei, Raphael E. Pollock

p 10-13

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Metabolic Reprogramming by c-MET Inhibition as a Targetable Vulnerability in Glioblastoma


Trang Thi Thu Nguyen, Enyuan  Shang, Georg  Karpel-Massler, Markus D. Siegelin

p 14-16

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Research Papers

Overexpression of microRNA-145 inhibits tumorigenesis through autophagy in chemotherapy and radiation resistant neuroblastoma cells


Kwang Woon Kim, Jingbo  Qiao, Julia Y. Kim, Kyungho  Park, Dai H. Chung

p 1-9

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