Targeting the oncogene B lymphoma deregulator IgH 3’ regulatory region does not impede the in vivo inflammatory response in mice

Faten Saad1, Alexis Saintamand1, Pauline Rouaud1, and Yves Denizot1

1 CNRS UMR 7276, CRIBL, Université de Limoges, Limoges, France


Yves Denizot, email:

Keywords: IgH 3’ regulatory region; knock-out mice; pristine; inflammation; cytokines

Received: July 31, 2014 Accepted: September 14, 2014 Published: September 19, 2014


The IgH 3’ regulatory region (3’RR), encompassing the four transcriptional enhancers hs3a-hs1,2-hs3b-hs4, is a potent lymphoma oncogene deregulator but its role in B cell-mediated inflammatory responses is unknown. We investigated the 3’RR involvement in the in vivo pristane-induced inflammatory response in BALB/c mice. The lack of the 3’RR in BALB/c mice had no wide effect on the incidence, the kinetic of development and the cellular composition of peritoneal ascites. Ascite pro-inflammatory cytokines levels (IL-6, IL-21, IL-12/23, TNF-α) were unchanged while anti-inflammatory cytokines levels (IL-10, interferon-γ) were slightly increased in 3’RR-deficient BALB/c mice as compared to wt BALB/c mice. In conclusion, the 3’RR is dispensable for the efficient recruitment of immune cells and the normal development of an inflammatory response in the in vivo pristane-induced inflammatory model. The 3’RR might be considered as a potential suitable target for anti-lymphoma pharmacological therapy without potent adverse effect on normal immune and inflammatory responses.

PII: 81