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Aims and Scope

Oncotarget aims to 1) maximize research impact through insightful peer-review, 2) eliminate borders between specialties by linking different fields of biomedical science, and 3) foster application of basic and clinical science.

Its scope is unique. The term "oncotarget" encompasses all molecules, pathways, cellular functions, cell types, and even tissues that can be viewed as targets relevant to cancer, and other diseases as well. The term was introduced in the inaugural Editorial Introducing OncoTarget,

Launched in 2010, Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed, traditional-style journal with free access.

As a traditional journal, Oncotarget publishes papers online in issues with page numbers. Oncotarget is published weekly, with a new issue released each Tuesday. Final paginated issues are released to PubMed quickly and in their permanent form. Each issue/paper can be printed upon special demand.

Currently, more than 20,000 Oncotarget papers are searchable on PubMed.

Oncotarget is indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central, Web of Science/Science Citation Index Expanded (2010-2017), Scopus, and EMBASE. In 2018, Oncotarget was invited to participate and is now indexed in META, a world-renowned database of scientific literature. In all Indexes, the Journal's abbreviation is Oncotarget.

According to Web of Science, Oncotarget's Impact Factor (IF 2016) is 5.168, and its 5-year IF (2016) is 5.415.

2016 5-YR IMPACT FACTOR 5.415

In addition, according to Web of Science, Oncotarget's 2016 Normalized Eigenfactor is 9.02 (the average Eigenfactor is 1 by definition), demonstrating the importance of the journal for the field. According to Scopus: 1. Scopus/SJR ranking: 2011-ongoing - Q1 (highest rank) 2. All years Q1 rank in Medicine and Oncology category 3. Oncotarget ranks number 1 for total documents (2015-2018) among all journals in Oncology. All Oncotarget content is archived in PubMed Central.

The publisher also maintains the journal's own digital archive.

The founding Editors include Nobel Prize winner Andrew V. Schally; Lasker Award recipients Alexander Varshavsky, Brian J. Druker, Gregg L. Semenza, and William G. Kaelin, Jr.; and 12 Members of the US National Academy of Sciences.

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  • ISI / Web of Science: Science Citation Index Expanded (2010-2017)
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  • META (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)
  • Dimensions (Digital Science)

Oncotarget has published outstanding papers and reviews by Bert Vogelstein, Peter K. Vogt, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, Arnold J. Levine, Brian Druker, Carol Prives and other outstanding scientists.

Oncotarget is now offering free Altmetric Article Reports as a new part of our journal platform. This enables real-time tracking of article coverage in digital and traditional media channels, often long before traditional citations begin to accrue.

We are pleased to announce the new face of Oncotarget coming in 2019 with an enhanced content delivery platform, new features, and intuitive navigation.

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