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Oncoscience's mission is to cover the rapidly growing field of cancer research. We aim to focus on emergent topics not currently covered by other journals.

Oncoscience has also a special mission: freeing researchers in oncology from publication costs. It is free for both readers and authors.

Launched in 2014, Oncoscience is a peer-reviewed, traditional-style, bi-monthly journal with free access. Oncoscience also has a special mission: freeing researchers in oncology from publication costs. It is free for both readers and authors.

As a traditional journal, Oncoscience publishes papers online in issues with page numbers. Each issue/paper can be printed upon special request.

All Oncoscience content is archived in PubMed Central.

The publisher also maintains the journal's own digital archive.

Oncoscience is indexed/abstracted in PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus (Oncology category), and EMBASE. In 2018, Oncoscience was invited to participate and is now indexed in META, a world-renowned database of scientific literature.

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Oncoscience covers the rapidly growing field of cancer research, especially emergent topics not currently covered by other journals. Cancer research has entered a new phase in which the convergence of information from different disciplines (e.g., cancer biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, and drug design among others) is beginning to provide new insight into tumor development and cancer treatment.

To capture the key elements of this phase, Oncoscience covers all aspects of the structure and function of oncogenes, growth suppressor and apoptotic genes, as well as their role in signal transduction and the mechanisms by which their expression and function are altered during tumor development. In addition to publishing manuscripts that directly relate to these areas of research, the journal covers the niche of interdisciplinary articles that bring together cancer biology, chemistry, and drug design.

Oncoscience also regularly publishes Editorials on emergent topics and commentaries on highly visible papers published in other journals.

Its international Editorial Board includes 65 members from different countries, including the USA (predominantly), United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Denmark and Spain. All are highly cited authors, professors at leading universities, and are supported by numerous NIH grants. The Editorial Board includes 20 members of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), 6 Lasker Award recipients (Brian Druker, Andrew Schally, Alexander Varshavsky, Stephen J. Elledge, William G. Kaelin,Jr., and Greg L. Semenza) and a Nobel Prize winner (Andrew Schally).

Our authors are from more than 25 countries on different continents.

Oncoscience is now offering free Altmetric Article Reports as a new part of our Journal platform, which enables real-time tracking of article coverage in digital and traditional media channels, often long before traditional citations begin to accrue.

We are pleased to announce the new face of Oncoscience coming in 2019 with an enhanced content delivery platform, new features, and intuitive navigation.

Oncoscience always follows the COPE guidelines and ICMJE's Recommendations

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