Genes & Cancer

Volume 6: Issue 5-6, May 2015


Issue 5-6, May 2015

About the Cover

The cover for Genes & Cancer features figure 1 (“Screening of suppressors of bax-induced cell death identifies glycerophosphate oxidase-1 as a mediator of debcl-induced apoptosis in Drosophila”) from Colin et al.


Wee1 and Chk1 – crosstalk between key players in replicative stress

Priyanka  Saini , Yizhu  Li , and Matthias  Dobbelstein

p 182-183



Histone acetyltransferases and histone deacetylases in B- and T-cell development, physiology and malignancy

Leila  Haery , Ryan C. Thompson , and Thomas D. Gilmore

p 184-213

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Research Perspective

Chronic inflammation: is it the driver or is it paving the road for malignant transformation?

Kambiz  Afrasiabi , Yi-Hong  Zhou , and Angela  Fleischman

p 214-219

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Research Papers

CArG-driven GADD45α activated by resveratrol inhibits lung cancer cells

Qiwen  Shi , Werner  Geldenhuys , Vijaykumar  Sutariya , Anupam  Bishayee , Isha  Patel , and Deepak  Bhatia

p 220-230

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RASSF10 suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma growth by activating P53 signaling and methylation of RASSF10 is a docetaxel resistant marker

Yongshuai  Jin , Baoping  Cao , Meiying  Zhang , Qimin  Zhan , James G. Herman , Miao  Yu , and Mingzhou  Guo

p 231-240

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Screening of suppressors of bax-induced cell death identifies glycerophosphate oxidase-1 as a mediator of debcl-induced apoptosis in Drosophila

Jessie  Colin , Julie  Garibal , Amandine  Clavier , Sébastien  Szuplewski , Yanick  Risler , Cécile  Milet , Sébastien  Gaumer , Isabelle  Guénal , and Bernard  Mignotte

p 241-253

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PSCA s2294008 C>T and rs2976392 G>A polymorphisms contribute to cancer susceptibility: evidence from published studies

Yong  Gu , Qiang-Sheng  Dai , Rui-Xi  Hua , Bing  Zhang , Jin-Hong  Zhu , Jian-Wen  Huang , Bin-Hui  Xie , Shi-Qiu  Xiong , Guo-Sheng  Tan , and He-Ping  Li

p 254-264

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3,3’-Diindolylmethane (DIM) and its ring-substituted halogenated analogs (ring-DIMs) induce differential mechanisms of survival and death in androgen-dependent and –independent prostate cancer cells

Alexander A. Goldberg , Hossam  Draz , Diana  Montes-Grajales , Jesus  Olivero-Verbél , Stephen H. Safe , and J. Thomas Sanderson

p 265-280

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Circulating microRNAs - a new horizon in molecular diagnosis of breast cancer

Hoda A. Hagrass , Samar  Sharaf , Heba F. Pasha , Enas A. Tantawy , Randa H. Mohamed , and Rasha  Kassem

p 281-287

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