Genes & Cancer

Volume 6: Issue 1-2, January 2015


Issue 1-2, January 2015

About the Cover

The cover for Genes & Cancer features figure 2 (“Microarray profile of human kidney from diabetes, renal cell carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma with diabetes”) from Kosti et al.

Meeting Reports

The global cancer genomics consortium’s symposium: new era of molecular medicine and epigenetic cancer medicine - cross section of genomics and epigenetics

Masakazu  Toi , M. Radhakrishna Pillai , Sudeep  Gupta , Rajendra  Badwe , Maria  Carmo-Fonseca , Luis  Costa , Louis WC Chow , Stefan  Knapp , and Rakesh  Kumar

p 1-8

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Research Papers

The BRAF kinase domain promotes the development of gliomas in vivo

Clifford H. Shin , Allie H. Grossmann , Sheri L. Holmen , and James P. Robinson

p 9-18

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HSP90 inhibitor AUY922 induces cell death by disruption of the Bcr-Abl, Jak2 and HSP90 signaling network complex in leukemia cells

Wenjing  Tao , Sandip N. Chakraborty , Xiaohong  Leng , Helen  Ma , and Ralph B. Arlinghaus

p 19-29

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The adenovirus E1A oncoprotein N-terminal transcriptional repression domain enhances p300 autoacetylation and inhibits histone H3 Lys18 acetylation

Ling-Jun  Zhao , Paul M. Loewenstein , and Maurice  Green

p 30-37

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Methylation of CHFR sensitizes esophageal squamous cell cancer to docetaxel and paclitaxel

Tianyang  Yun , Yang  Liu , Dan  Gao , Enqiang  Linghu , Malcolm V. Brock , Dongtao  Yin , Qimin  Zhan , James G. Herman , and Mingzhou  Guo

p 38-48

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Polyphenols from green tea inhibit the growth of melanoma cells through inhibition of class I histone deacetylases and induction of DNA damage

Ram  Prasad , and Santosh  Katiyar

p 49-61

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Microarray profile of human kidney from diabetes, renal cell carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma with diabetes

Adam  Kosti , Hung-I Harry Chen , Sumathy  Mohan , Sitai  Liang , Yidong  Chen , and Samy L. Habib

p 62-70

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Mobilization of LINE-1 in irradiated mammary gland tissue may potentially contribute to low dose radiation-induced genomic instability

Lidia  Luzhna , Yaroslav  Ilnytskyy , and Olga  Kovalchuk

p 71-81

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