Genes & Cancer

Volume 5: Issue 5-6, May 2014


Issue 5-6, May 2014

About the Cover

The cover for Genes & Cancer features figure 1F ("Identification of a novel lytic peptide for the treatment of solid tumours") from Szczepanski et al.

News & Views

Ribosome biogenesis: Achilles heel of cancer?

Marjolein van Sluis , and Brian  McStay

p 152-153


Research Papers

Biological significance and therapeutic implication of resveratrol-inhibited Wnt, Notch and STAT3 signaling in cervical cancer cells

Peng  Zhang , Hong  Li , Bin  Yang , Fan  Yang , Lin-Lin  Zhang , Qing-You  Kong , Xiao-Yan  Chen , Mo-Li  Wu , and Jia  Liu

p 154-164

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HOXA10 is associated with temozolomide resistance through regulation of the homologous recombinant DNA repair pathway in glioblastoma cell lines

Jin Wook Kim , Ji Young Kim , Ja Eun Kim , Seung-Ki  Kim , Hyun-Tai  Chung , and Chul-Kee  Park

p 165-174

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NDRG2 overexpression enhances glucose deprivation-mediated apoptosis in breast cancer cells via inhibition of the LKB1-AMPK pathway

Hak-Su  Kim , Myung-Jin  Kim , Jihyun  Lim , Young  Yang , Myeong-Sok  Lee , and Jong-Seok  Lim

p 175-185

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Identification of a novel lytic peptide for the treatment of solid tumours

Claudia  Szczepanski , Olav  Tenstad , Anne  Baumann , Aurora  Martinez , Reidar  Myklebust , Rolf  Bjerkvig , and Lars  Prestegarden

p 186-200

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Mirk kinase inhibition targets ovarian cancer ascites

Xiaobing  Deng , Jing  Hu , Mary J. Cunningham , and Eileen  Friedman

p 201-211

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Increased expression of Id1 and Id3 promotes tumorigenicity by enhancing angiogenesis and suppressing apoptosis in small cell lung cancer

Danqing  Chen , Shiva S. Forootan , John R. Gosney , Farzad S. Forootan , and Youqiang  Ke

p 212-225

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