Genes & Cancer

Volume 5: Issue 3-4, March 2014


Issue 3-4, March 2014

About the Cover

The cover for Genes & Cancer features figure 3A ("Hax-1 is required for Rac1-Cortactin interaction and ovarian carcinoma cell migration") from Gomathinayagam et al.


Role of YY1 in the pathogenesis of prostate cancer and correlation with bioinformatic data sets of gene expression

Vaishali  Kashyap , and Benjamin  Bonavida

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Meeting Reports

The global cancer genomics consortium's third annual symposium: from oncogenomics to cancer care

Luis  Costa , Sandra  Casimiro , Sudeep  Gupta , Stefan  Knapp , M. Radhakrishna Pillai , Masakazu  Toi , Rajendra  Badwe , Maria  Carmo-Fonseca , and Rakesh  Kumar

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Research Papers

Hax-1 is required for Rac1-Cortactin interaction and ovarian carcinoma cell migration

Rohini  Gomathinayagam , Muralidharan  Jayaraman , Ji Hee Ha , Lakshmi  Varadarajalu , and Danny N. Dhanasekaran

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Hexokinase II inhibitor, 3-BrPA induced autophagy by stimulating ROS formation in human breast cancer cells

Qianwen  Zhang , Yuanyuan  Zhang , Pei  Zhang , Zhenhua  Chao , Fei  Xia , Chenchen  Jiang , Xudong  Zhang , Zhiwen  Jiang , and Hao  Liu

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Amphiregulin and PTEN evoke a multimodal mechanism of acquired resistance to PI3K inhibition

Kyle A. Edgar , Lisa  Crocker , Eric  Cheng , Marie-Claire  Wagle , Matthew  Wongchenko , Yibing  Yan , Timothy R. Wilson , Nicholas  Dompe , Richard M. Neve , Marcia  Belvin , Deepak  Sampath , Lori S. Friedman , and Jeffrey J. Wallin

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Internal ribosome entry site of bFGF is the target of thalidomide for IMiDs development in multiple myeloma

I-Chia  Lien , Lin-Yea  Horng , Pei-Lun  Hsu , Chia-Ling  Wu , Hui-Ching  Sung , and Rong-Tsun  Wu

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Expression of STEAP1 and STEAP1B in prostate cell lines, and the putative regulation of STEAP1 by post-transcriptional and post-translational mechanisms

Inês M. Gomes , Cecília R. Santos , and Cláudio J. Maia

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