Genes & Cancer

Volume 8: Issue 5-6, May 2017


Issue 5-6, May 2017

About the Cover

The cover for the issue of Genes & Cancer features Figure 1A (“Identification of novel diagnostic and prognostic miRNA signatures in endometrial cancer”) from Jayaraman et al.


Telomere length regulation through epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in cancer

Titto  Augustine , Radhashree  Maitra , and Sanjay  Goel

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Research Papers

Phase I/II study of erlotinib, carboplatin, pemetrexed, and bevacizumab in chemotherapy-naïve patients with advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer harboring epidermal growth factor receptor mutation

Takayasu  Kurata , Aya  Nakaya , Takashi  Yokoi , Maiko  Niki , Kayoko  Kibata , Yuki  Takeyasu , Yoshitaro  Torii , Yuichi  Katashiba , Makoto  Ogata , Takayuki  Miyara , and Shosaku  Nomura

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Identification of novel diagnostic and prognostic miRNA signatures in endometrial cancer

Muralidharan  Jayaraman , Rangasudhagar  Radhakrishnan , Cara A. Mathews , Mingda  Yan , Sanam  Husain , Katherine  Moxley , Yong Sang Song , and Danny N. Dhanasekaran

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The chemokine scavenging receptor D6/ACKR2 is a target of miR-146a in thyroid cancer

Francesco  Pacifico , Alessio  Lepore , Stefano  Mellone , Luca  Sanguigno , Giorgia  Federico , Adelaide  Greco , Arturo  Brunetti , and Antonio  Leonardi

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EGFR as a prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target in ovarian cancer: evaluation of patient cohort and literature review

Christine  Mehner , Ann L. Oberg , Krista M. Goergen , Kimberly R. Kalli , Matthew J. Maurer , Aziza  Nassar , Ellen L. Goode , Gary L. Keeney , Aminah  Jatoi , Derek C. Radisky , and Evette S. Radisky

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Clinical performance of E2Fs 1-3 in kidney clear cell renal cancer, evidence from bioinformatics analysis

Bin  Liang , Jianying  Zhao , and Xuan  Wang

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