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Advance Online Publications


Desmoplasia in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: insight into pathological function and therapeutic potential

Andrew  Cannon , Christopher  Thompson , Bradley R.  Hall , Maneesh  Jain , Sushil  Kumar , and Surinder K. Batra

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Exosomes derived from cancerous and non-cancerous cells regulate the anti-tumor response in the tumor microenvironment

Susan  Bae , Jeffrey  Brumbaugh , and Benjamin  Bonavida

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Research Papers

Mismatch repair gene mutations lead to lynch syndrome colorectal cancer in rhesus macaques

Beth K. Dray , Muthuswamy  Raveendran , R. Alan  Harris , Fernando  Benavides , Stanton B. Gray , Carlos J.  Perez , Mark J. McArthur , Lawrence E.  Williams , Wallace B.  Baze , Harsha  Doddapaneni , Donna M.  Muzny , Christian R.  Abee , and Jeffrey  Rogers

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The expression of genes contributing to pancreatic adenocarcinoma progression is influenced by the respective environment

Micah N.  Sagini , Michael  Zepp , Frank  Bergmann , Matthias  Bozza , Richard  Harbottle , and Martin R. Berger

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