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Advance Online Publications


How a disruption of the competition between HIF-1 and p53 for limiting p300/CBP by latent viruses can cause disease

Hanan  Polansky , and Hava  Schwab



Tumor metabolism regulating chemosensitivity in ovarian cancer

Chae Young Han , David A. Patten , Richard B. Richardson , Mary-Ellen  Harper , and Benjamin K. Tsang

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The promising immune checkpoint LAG-3: from tumor microenvironment to cancer immunotherapy

Long  Long , Xue  Zhang , Fuchun  Chen , Qi  Pan , Pronnaphat  Phiphatwatchara , Yuyang  Zeng , and Honglei  Chen

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Research Papers

MicroRNA-messenger RNA interactions involving JAK-STAT signaling genes in colorectal cancer

Lila E. Mullany , Jennifer S. Herrick , Lori C. Sakoda , Wade  Samowitz , John R. Stevens , Roger  K. Wolff , and Martha L. Slattery

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Pancreatic carcinoma cells colonizing the liver modulate the expression of their extracellular matrix genes

Khamael M.K. Al-Taee , Michael  Zepp , Irina  Berger , Martin R. Berger , and Hassan  Adwan

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Neoadjuvant administration of hydroxychloroquine in a phase 1 clinical trial induced plasma Par-4 levels and apoptosis in diverse tumors

Peng  Wang , Ravshan  Burikhanov , Rani  Jayswal , Heidi L. Weiss , Susanne M. Arnold , John L. Villano , and Vivek M. Rangnekar

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Common ELF1 deletion in prostate cancer bolsters oncogenic ETS function, inhibits senescence and promotes docetaxel resistance

Justin A. Budka , Mary W. Ferris , Matthew J. Capone , and Peter C. Hollenhorst

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Whole-transcriptome sequencing identified gene expression signatures associated with aggressive clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Ken  Batai , Elliot  Imler , Jayce  Pangilinan , Robert  Bell , Aye  Lwin , Elinora  Price , Tijana  Milinic , Amit  Arora , Nathan A.  Ellis , Erika  Bracamonte , Bruce  Seligmann , and Benjamin R. Lee

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