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A novel 40kDa N-terminal truncated Carboxypeptidase E splice variant: Cloning, cDNA sequence analysis and role in regulation of metastatic genes in human cancers

Xuyu  Yang , Hong  Lou , Ya-Ting  Chen , Shui-Feng  Huang , and Y. Peng Loh

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Increased Smad3 and reduced Smad2 levels mediate the functional switch of TGF-β from growth suppressor to growth and metastasis promoter through TMEPAI/PMEPA1 in triple negative breast cancer

Prajjal K. Singha , Srilakshmi  Pandeswara , Hui  Geng , Rongpei  Lan , Manjeri A. Venkatachalam , Albert  Dobi , Shiv  Srivastava , and Pothana  Saikumar

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Genomic alterations of Tenascin C in highly aggressive prostate cancer: a meta-analysis

Prachi  Mishra , Michael A. Kiebish , Jennifer  Cullen , Alagarsamy  Srinivasan , Aliyah  Patterson , Rangaprasad  Sarangarajan , Niven R. Narain , and Albert  Dobi

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John Mendelsohn: A visionary scientist, oncologist and leader

Rakesh  Kumar , Ferid  Murad , Oliver  Bogler , Bert W. O’Malley , and Gabriel N. Hortobagyi

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